Internship Eligibility

I am not a student. Can I apply?

No. We are only able to accept undergraduate and graduate students.

I am a graduate student. Can I apply? 

Yes. All current undergraduate and graduate students can apply.

I am thinking about doing the internship during my gap year. Is it possible? 

We are sorry to say that we cannot accept students who will have graduated prior to the internship start date. You must be currently enrolled as a student at the beginning of the internship in order to be eligible. However, if you have already been officially accepted to graduate school, please contact us.

Do I have to be enrolled in classes at my home institution while I intern?

No, you do not. We simply need a current Enrollment Verification Certificate or its equivalent. If you are in your final year of university, your graduation date needs to be after you have started your internship at IC.

I am not a native English speaker. Can I apply? 

Yes. We encourage all applicants who speak English fluently.

Do you accept applicants from all schools in all countries?

Under our current regulations, we can only accept students enrolled at institutions in Australia, Canada, Ireland, New Zealand, the UK and the US. However, as we hope to expand our program in the future, applications are encouraged. For internships of 90 days or less, you must have a passport from a country with a reciprocal visa exception arrangement with Japan (please refer to

Are you specifically looking for Christian interns?

No. We are looking for motivated students from any background who will be enthusiastic interns. We welcome students of all religious faiths and cultures and secular humanists. If you intern with us, you can be as involved or not in religious activities as you like. We have students, staff and faculty who are involved in the church and those who are not. Our students and staff come from various non-religious and religious backgrounds. We do insist, however, that interns respect the religious views of others and do not impose their views on those they are teaching. For interested interns, we do have a chapel and religious center where some religious and recreational activities can be pursued.

Are Japanese skills required?

No, they are not. All of the faculty in the Department of Contemporary English as well as the staff at the Global Communication Center speak English. Additionally, we are eager for our students to communicate in English and require that interns only speak English on campus unless they are taking Japanese lessons or participating in after school activities. Regarding housing, even if a homestay is your preference, some families like the opportunity to speak English and interact with students from other cultures. As intern responsibilities only require English, Japanese is not necessary. However, some knowledge of Japanese can be helpful for living in Japan, especially if you prefer to live in an apartment. For homestays, some families are willing to offer a homestay but may be nervous about the language barrier. In these cases, trying to use some Japanese with them would be a good way to break the ice. As exchange students and IC students also live in the same furnished apartment building as interns, help in English is also available.

Our aim is for interns to work and communicate with Japanese and other international students in English. While an interest in Japan and Japanese is required, Japanese language skills are not. We are looking for interns who are interested in teaching and cross-cultural exchange. One of our program goals is for interns to spend most of their time at school communicating with students in English.

Do you have a waiting list?

No, we do not.

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