Visa and Application Information

Visa and Application Information

Do I need a visa?

For internships of 90 days or less you must have citizenship and a passport from a country with a reciprocal visa exception arrangement with Japan (please refer to If your passport is issued from a country on this list and there are no restrictions, you do not need a special visa. Upon arrival in Japan, you will receive a 90-day tourist visa, which is sufficient for an intern position.

How does the application procedure work? 

First please read all of the intern webpages thoroughly so you can understand what this internship will entail.  Then fill out the form here. Then send us your resume and the attached pdf of your application form data that you will receive with your confirmation email. Be sure to rename the pdf file with your first and last names. If we determine you are a suitable candidate, we will contact you to arrange an online interview. If you pass the interview, we will ask you to send the complete application package including official transcripts, one or more signed letters of recommendation and a certification of enrollment by post. After we receive it and if you are accepted, we will submit your application to the administration for approval. Regarding references, they should be from advisors, teachers, employers, coaches or supervisors from places you have worked, studied, volunteered or done other significant activities. If you have studied Japanese, we would like at least one reference to be from a Japanese teacher. We also require contact information from a parent or legal guardian and your permission to contact them. This is not a reference. References from friends and relatives will not be accepted.

When should I apply to have the best chance of being accepted?

June and July are the most competitive. As we can only take a limited number of interns, we also encourage students to apply for other times of the year: spring (April to May), fall (September to December), and winter (December to January) internships. If we have many applicants, our fall and winter internships may fill up quickly. We recommend all interested students apply during the September to December period.

How should I submit the letters of recommendation when I email my application?

If you have the letters of recommendation, please scan them and send them to us with the contact information of the referees. If the letters of recommendation will be sent to us directly, please inform us.

How long in advance should I apply?

Typically, the application process time varies from two to six months.

What is the deadline for application for an internship?

For internships starting in April, May or June, we recommend that you apply by the end of December at the very latest. Applicants will be evaluated and chosen sometime in January. We should then be able to inform you in February if we can offer you a position. If first semester internship positions are not filled at this time, we will continue accepting applications until approximately the end of February. For internships starting in September or January, we expect that there will be less competition for intern positions. For arrival in September, we would need your completed application materials by May at the latest to ensure ample time for the acceptance process. We should then be able to inform you in July if we can offer you a position. For arrival in January, we would need your completed application materials by September at the latest. We should then be able to inform you in November if we can offer you a position. We are willing to accept interns at different times of the year, but as it takes an average of five months to complete the acceptance procedures, please apply as early as possible. Also, if you would like to do a homestay, applying earlier is better in order to give us time to locate a host family. In general, considering the time required for the acceptance process and to arrange your housing, applying as early as possible is recommended. Applying early will also give you time to find an economical airfare. While fall and winter internships are less competitive, we do recommend applying as soon as possible, which would be in September the previous year. If we fill our positions earlier, we will stop interviewing.

What is a current Enrollment Verification Certificate?

This is a document stating that you are currently enrolled as a student at a university or college that is usually issued by your school administration. If you would like more information about Enrollment Verification Certificates, please search your school website or refer to National Student Clearinghouse. Your school may issue a current Enrollment Verification Certificate or go through National Student Clearinghouse. If your school goes through National Student Clearinghouse, they may offer a free option on your school website. For students outside North America, please contact your school administration and ask for the equivalent in your country.

The application asks about intercultural experiences. What kind of experiences should I mention in this section?

We are interested in all intercultural experiences, whether they are domestic or international. If you have had any contact with someone from a different culture or who speaks a different language, we are interested to hear how that experience was and what you learned from it.

Can I cancel my internship after I have accepted a position?

If you need to cancel your internship, please inform us as soon as possible. Due to the procedures here at Ibaraki Christian University, we need to receive a notice of cancellation by the first week of the month prior to your scheduled month of arrival.

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